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Event Rules

Our matches follow the IBJJF competition rule-set, both for adults and kids.

CLICK HERE to access  the Rule Book and familiarise yourself with the rule set.


4 to 15 year old (Mighty Mite / Pee Wee / Juniors / Teen) Compete in a ROUND ROBIN format.

16 year old and up - Compete in a a SINGLE ELIMINATION format.

4 to 15 year old (Mighty Mite / Pee Wee / Juniors / Teen) Have a Novice (White belt Only) Division. All other belts will be mixed.

4 to 9 year old (Mighty Mite / Pee Wee) Might have mixed-gender brackets, depends on number of competitors.


- Each team has 5 competitors. Team leader can source fighters from other clubs or academies.

- IBJJF rules. Matches can only be won by submissions or disqualification.

- Winner stays. Winner of the match stays on to face the next opponent. Please see video CLICK HERE.

- Draw: if there's no submission, match will end in a draw and will be considered as a loss for both competitors.

- Maximum total weight of the 5 competitors in each team is 430kg.

- Standard matches duration is 6 minutes.

- If the weight difference between the competitors is 20kg or greater, match duration is 3 minutes.

- 1 minute rest between matches.


Each event we have absolute weight brackets with cash prizes for the winners.

*We need a minimum of 6 registered competitors to run the Absolute brackets. If we don't have the minimum numbers, we will refund the competitors who have already up, and cancel the bracket. 

Uniform Requirements

Our uniform requirements are also the same requirements as for the IBJJF events, with the exception of colours. We accept any uniform colour both for Gi and No-Gi.

Please follow THIS LINK to learn and understand Uniform Requirements for our events.



All competitors are required to be exactly on, or under, the weight limit of the division they are registered in.

WARNING: Competitors weighing-in, on competition day, over the limit of the weight category they have registered in, will be automatically disqualified from the competition, with no option to be refunded.

Penalties for Missing Weight:

Missing weight affects our brackets and risks delaying our scheduled divisions. It is the responsibility of the parent to check the competitor list and ensure their child is in the correct division. Children are not DQ'd for missing weight and our staff will help in anyway they can, but missing weight has 3 consequences:


1.) Competitors who miss weight will forfeit any possible team points should they earn a medal in their division.


2.) Matches are no longer guaranteed for your child. We will attempt to find a new bracket for them, but a match cannot be guaranteed.


3.) Because it is the responsibility of the parent to check the competitor list and ensure they signed their child up for the correct division, we will not grant registration credit if your child misses weight and our staff is unable to find a match for them.

Please make sure you are registered to the correct weight division.


Age Divisions & Match Duration

CLICK HERE to find your age group and match duration for each age group.

Mixed Genders (Kids)

We allow mixed gender brackets for kids aged 4yo to 9yo (Mighty Mite and Pee Wee).

All ages above that have separate gender brackets.


Competitors shall display excellent hygiene standards. Nails should be trimmed and kept short. Long hair should be tied up. Competitors with skin disorders will be referred to the event medical staff to have the final say whether they compete or not. Protectors - there will be no allowances for head/ear protectors, ankle/feet protectors, knee/elbow braces/protectors and no groin guards. Tapes are allowed. No jewellery to be worn and no hair pins.

Brackets & Divisions

BJJAO holds the right to move competitors from the original bracket / division they have registered in to another bracket / division.


Competitors are initially grouped strictly by age. If there are not enough competitors of the same age, the competitor will be placed in a age division no greater than 1 year above their own. Divisions can vary based on attendance. For example, Age divisions can be grouped by 1 year: 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008, etc.

If there are not enough competitors of the same division, the competitor could be placed in a belt division no greater than 1 rank difference of their own. This is most common with orange and yellow belts being combined when there are not enough competitors in their divisions.

Weight ins: The drop down box are represented as net with the appropriate Gi or No Gi allowance included. e.g. the 82.3kg Gi weight category means a combined net weight (including Gi) of under 82.3kg.

THERE IS NO WEIGHT ALLOWANCE. For example, if the division is Up to 82.3kg, then a competitor weighing in at 82.4kg would be missing weight.

We allow mixed gender brackets for kids aged 4yo to 9yo (Mighty Mite and Pee Wee).

Genders will be seperated in older kids brackets.

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