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BJJ Winter Australian Open

Sunday July 18th 2021 | Cavanbah Centre, Byron Bay, NSW.

Please read the information below regarding our Covid Safety measures, schedule and instructions for competitors and spectators.


Anyone who visited the Greater Sydney area / Covid hot spots from July 4th, will not be allowed to attend this event.


Brackets and schedule are now live and available on your smoothcomp profile.


Please keep in mind that the schedule is dynamic and match times may change throughout the day.

Some brackets may have to be altered on the spot, so please be ready at your mat 20 minutes prior to its start time.


Weigh-ins start at 8am (those competing at 9am will be prioritised to weigh-in first).


Spectators are limited to 2 per competitor and have to arrive and check-in together.

If capacity allows, we will let more spectators in.


Each Kid / juvenile competitor will be allowed 1 parent / guardian to accompany them in for free.


All other spectators will be charged $10 entry fee at entry point.


Children spectators 12yo and under will be allowed in for free.


Coaches will receive limited numbers of free entries per gym in accordance to the number of their competing members.


Food and coffee stalls will be set-up in our outdoor area for your convenience.

If consuming inside, please respect the indoor courts, use the rubbish and recycle bins and keep the floors clean from spillage and waste.


Jiu Jitsu gear and merchandise stall will be set up at the event for your convenience, by our partners at


Covid restrictions are still in place:

Competitors must enter the premises wearing a fitted face mask unless they have an exemption.

Competitors can remove their face masks when they are participating in the exercise – i.e. When they are competing and may also include warm up activities – but must wear a fitted face mask at all other times (ie. when moving around the venue).


Staff, Volunteers, Officials, as well as all spectators, and other persons on the premises must wear a fitted face mask at all times.


Every attendee will have to sign in, scan a government QR code and receive a stamp / wrist band at venue entry point.


If you feel unwell, please avoid attending the event.


If you have attended any of the greater Melbourne Covid hot spots it the past 14 days, please do not attend the event.


4sqm social distancing applies.


Please follow the Covid-safe rules, and instructions of staff and Covid marshals.


Please keep a good hygiene, wash your hands often and use a face mask if you see fit.


We are looking forward to seeing you all!



From the government (COVID rules):

Conditions of Entry:

Please ensure that all staff, volunteers, participants, officials, and spectators adhere to the following requirements:

Sign in using the Service NSW QR code provided at the entry to assist in the event of contact tracing.

Masks are mandatory for indoor venues – please refer to the NSW Government website for further information (or see below)

One person per four square metres applies – this means spectators will be limited to one spectator per participant.


Come dressed ready for your activity – limit the time that you are required inside the venue.

Sanitise your hands before and after activities – sanitising stations are provided throughout the venue.

Stay home if you are unwell.

Fitted Face Coverings (Masks):

The following rules and restrictions now apply regarding wearing of fitted face coverings (ie. Face masks):

a) A person must wear a fitted face covering over both their nose and mouth whilst in any indoor area of non-residential premises; and

b) A person must wear a fitted face covering over both their nose and mouth while attending a COVID-safe outdoor gathering or controlled outdoor public gathering.

Removing fitted face coverings:

a) A person may remove a fitted face covering if the person is engaging in strenuous physical activity; and

b) The person must resume wearing the fitted face covering as soon as practical after the strenuous physical activity ends.

Face mask requirements apply to anyone over the age of 12 years (fines of $200 on the spot can occur).

Masks must be worn upon entry or moving about within the Centre if not partaking in strenuous activities – this means you must wear mask on the bench, when utilising the amenities, masks can be removed when you are on court participating in exercise.

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